Dr. Diaz saved my life.

I suffered hypopituitarism that was misdiagnosed for several years. I saw numerous excellent doctors who were all stumped, and I was gravely ill by that point. They said to get to UCLA stat, but I was too ill to travel that far.

Dr. Diaz had me figured out within a few weeks; he was near psychic it seemed. He diagnosed the hypopituitarism, but it’s still been a struggle with a myriad of complications from the treatment delay. I would have died of hypothyroidism with all normal test results.

Dr. Diaz listened to his patient and not only the lab results. My complications were extremely rare, and he caught them. I can’t say enough about him.



My case was unusual. I had been suffering from odd symptoms for years, and no one could tell me what was happening. Hypoglycemia, a rapid heart rate, low energy, and I had been diagnosed with “fibromyalgia” and was told to learn to live with it. 

Dr. Diaz worked for 18 months to finally discover my true problems, and they were subclinical hormone deficiencies that varied under stress. Correcting them has made a huge difference in my life. He left no stone unturned, and he will work tirelessly to make you better. He spends whatever time is needed with his patients.